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Abundant Grace Art Exhibition

Abundant Grace Art Exhibition:
November 23, 2019

Cultural Transformation is something that a lot of Christians talk about and aspire to. We want to be part of transforming the culture. The question is, how is culture transformed? Does it happen just because we think more about culture, or because we pay more attention to culture? While that sounds nice, the answer is no, that's not how culture is transformed. Culture changes when people make more and better cultural goods. If we want to see culture transformed, we have to get into the midst of the human cultural project and create some new cultural goods that reshape the way people imagine and experience their world. Cultural goods are things like music, art, movies, writings, and even food, that we encounter daily whether we recognize them or not. 

In his book “Culture Making” Andy Crouch points out that all too often Christians interact with culture and cultural goods in only one of four ways. We:

CONSUME—to take in a cultural good as offered.
COPY—to borrow from popular culture and infuse Christian content.
CRITIQUE—to analyze goods for lacking and redeeming qualities.
CONDEMN—to “turn up a nose” or dislike a set of cultural goods.

Where the Church used to be the driving force behind cultural goods, that cultivation has been left to the secular world. 

Crouch argues that the best way for the Church to influence
culture is to CULTIVATE & CREATE its own cultural goods
. For centuries the church created cultural goods that shaped society from music (like Handel's Messiah), to architecture and art. If we want to transform culture, then the church (you and me) must create more and better cultural goods.  

The Parkway Family had an example of that this spring when Pastor Jonathan debuted 10 of his cultural goods in the compilation musical “He’s Coming Again,” and we concluded the summer with the first “Parkway X” exhibition: Pressing On.

In November we invite you to participate in our next “Parkway X” gallery. Whether you create a piece or come to experience what others have created, we invite you to take part in “Abundant Grace.”

To submit artwork for the gallery, please fill out the form below and review the guidelines. 

  1. Art in any medium is welcomed, including but not limited to: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Prose, Poetry, Dance, or Song. Artists of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to submit.
  2. Submissions limited to one entry per artist.
  3. Please include a picture. Performance art can be submitted by video or link.
  4. Submissions are due by November 8, 2019.
  5. Submissions will be reviewed to ensure they meet the following Guidelines:
    - Must be original artwork of the submitter.
    - Art must express the theme of "Abundant Grace."
    - Art must not be offensive, dehumanizing and must not include nudity or profanity.
  6. Parkway Baptist Church is not liable to damage of pieces. Insurance, if desired, is the responsibility of the submitting artist. 
  7. Pieces will not be available for sale at the Gallery Exhibition.  Any sale of art must be done privately.

For questions or more information please contact Lauren Garber at

This form is no longer available. It was closed for further submissions on 11/16/2019 12:00 AM.


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