A Walk Through Holy Week

Series Description

This vignette series follows Jesus through the events of Holy Week and rounds out our look at the Gospel of Luke in the series "God's Mission Has a Prayer."






God's Mission has a House of Prayer for all Nations - Luke 19:45-48

On this first day of Holy Week after Palm Sunday, we find Jesus in Jerusalem. He headed straight for the temple early in the morning to teach and to be with the people. Over the next couple of days, Jesus would remain in the temple and use it for what the temple was meant to be: a gathering place for those who need help. However, that Monday, Jesus did not find the temple to be a gathering place for those who need help. Jesus found it far different from a place of ministry.
Let's read and watch Jesus restore his house to what He made it to be: a house of prayer for all nations.




God's Mission has a Perfect Passover Lamb - Luke 20

On this Tuesday on Holy Week, we find Jesus going back to the temple after cleaning it out on Monday. Jesus was preparing His house and His people for the event that would be the culmination of all the prophecy and the answer to the problem of sin and death once and for all. Before the Perfect Passover Lamb could be slaughtered, He had to first be inspected for any blemishes or stains so He could carry the sins of mankind. What the chief priests and scribes didn’t know in their attempts to debunk and embarrass Jesus in front of all the people was that they were actually doing the inspecting work proving Jesus to be the spotless Lamb if God who takes away the sin of the world. 

Watch and read along as Jesus masterfully shows why He is the One who is worthy to be slain for those who are inspecting Him!




God's Mission has Betrayal- Luke 22:1-6

On Wednesday of Holy Week, we can safely assume Jesus went back to the temple (the cultural and religious center of the city) to teach and engage with people. While Jesus and his disciples were there, Luke records that Judas Iscariot went to meet the chief priests and scribes who paid Judas to betray Jesus, His master. Watch and read with us as one of the saddest parts of Holy Week take place, yet Jesus is undeterred from the mission of God.



God's Mission has Humble Service - Luke 22:7-38

On Thursday of Holy Week, Jesus and his disciples were in Jerusalem celebrating the Passover together. Luke records that Jesus redefined the bread as His body that is broken for sinners and the cup as His blood that is poured out for mankind and is the new covenant. Jesus humbly served His followers the afternoon before He was crucified. Jesus wasn't relaxing, or resting up, or being served. Instead, Jesus was serving and was passing that truth onto his followers who would come to understand in just a little over a day what Jesus was trying to say. Watch and read with us as we moved one day closer to the crucifixion and one day closer to celebrating the resurrection!




God's Mission has Good Friday - Luke 22:39-23:55

On Good Friday of Holy Week, Jesus and his disciples began by praying in the garden after Passover. Luke records the events from Jesus’ betrayal, arrest in the garden, illegal trial, scourging and beating, crucifixion, death and burial. Watch and read with us as we see that the events of Good Friday is for our good and God’s glory!




God's Mission has a Sabbath - Luke 23:55-56

On Saturday of Holy Week, Jesus’s crucified and dead body rested in a borrowed tomb and his followers observed the Sabbath. Even in His death, Jesus still taught us all how to rest in the grace and sovereignty of God as He waited to be gloriously resurrected on the third day. Saturday was a sad day for His followers, but the joy that would come in the morning!

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God's Mission has the Resurrection 

The Resurrection is true and it changes everything! What can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus? NOTHING, not even death itself. 

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