Bless Every Home

Series Description

If you've been around Parkway lately, you've likely heard the phrase "Prayer, Care, Share, & Dare." 


Parkway is joining churches from all over the state (and nation) in a bold commitment to reach those closest in proximity to us...our immediate neighbors.  This starts with praying for them by name.  Then, we look for tangible ways to care for them. Opportunities to share the Gospel should come next followed by a daring commitment to disciple them in the Word.

Straightforward? Yes.   Easy to do?  Not really.

We have a tool that we believe will help.  


Sign up for Bless Every Home. It takes about 3 minutes to register.  The result:  you'll know the names of your neighbors and will be well on your way to praying, caring, sharing, & daring to disciple them.  


Please go to now to get registered.    


God is on the move and He invites you to join Him in the work.  This isn't a program, an event, or a thing to do. It's a tool to help you better engage those who can often be the most difficult to reach....those closest to us.


Being a Persistent & Humble Pray-er - Luke 18:1-14

Pastor Mike Camire

Be CareFULL (Not CareLESS) - Luke 18:15-43

Pastor Jonathan Braun

Sharing is Caring - Luke 19:1-10

Pastor Mac Hutton

Dare to Disciple - Luke 19:11-27

Pastor Derek Futrell